Understanding your bill

  • Your bill is printed and mailed on a monthly basis. It consists of two parts:
  • The top portion is your payment stub and is perforated for easy separation.
  • The bottom portion lists detail of all account activity during the current billing cycle, your account usage history and contact information for your local Arizona Water Company office.
Account Number**
Your account number is specific to you and consists of 14 characters.
Delinquent Date**
Your monthly bill is due upon receipt and will become delinquent on the date printed.
Balance Due**
The total amount owed (includes previous balance, any current charges and payments)
Surepay notification**
One of our payment options is the Surepay auto-pay program. If a Surepay application has been processed and approved, the payment date is printed on the bill. To sign up for Surepay go to our website www.azwater.com and click on Payment Options.
Service Address
The physical address of the property.
Meter Read Dates
The current month read date, previous month read date and number of days in the billing period (days between current and previous read dates).
Meter Detail and Current Monthly Usage
The meter number, current read, previous read and gallons of water used in thousands.
Account History
The bar graph shows a twelve month history of water usage for the account, provided the account has been in your responsibility for twelve months or more.
Current Billing Cycle Activity
There are many costs related to providing reliable water service and ensuring your water consistently meets drinking water standards. This section includes previous balances, payments, and a breakdown of each rate charge, surcharges, fees, credits, taxes and total due.
Local office contact information

** printed on both top and bottom portions